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R_video: Changes in version 1.5.22


  • Added 40 new additional top banners in the Edit panel > Additional Top Banner > Custom (8K Ultra HD, Blu-ray IMAX, Blu-ray 3D IMAX, 4K Ultra HD Disc-1/2, Blu-ray Disc-1 /2, DVD Disc-1/2, Part 1/2/3, VHS, ...). Click here to see the full list of available top banners...

  • On media player only: ability to play videos from a group in chained, looped and random playback.

  • On media player only: ability to save your collection offline.


  • The Mac application now initiates significantly quicker than previously.


  • Focus now automatically selects the first "Not Seen" item in the Seasons, Episodes, and Groups menus.

  • When creating a collection, it was sometimes impossible to connect.

  • Various fixes to improve access to shared folders.

  • On PlayerOne 8K, sometimes the viewing status was not updated correctly on certain files.

R_video: Changes in version 1.4.19


  • Filters and sorting menus can now be stored. Several options are available.

  • Advanced option for downloading external subtitles.

  • Added technical logs for identifying bugs on video collections.


  • The edit menu now offers modification of the age classification.

  • Some filters have been reworked based on their relevance.

  • The default background image that displays when no wallpaper is present has been changed.

  • Improved Polish translation for directors, actors and categories on the synopsis.


  • The age rating was reset if an item was edited.

  • In the list of unidentified, the last element remained visible after re-identification.

  • It was not possible to choose a .jpeg image for posters or backgrounds when importing a picture from the computer.

  • A video without identification was considered a personal video. Now unidentified videos are placed in movies. To identify personal videos, you must place them in a folder dedicated to personal videos and add the folder in question in the folder configuration as Personal Videos.

  • A newly created item without identification was not considered unseen.

  • Some re-identification operations from a PC/MAC could reset technical information.

  • It was sometimes impossible to connect to a network device compatible only with SMB1.

  • The music did not play correctly when exiting a video playback.

  • Some menus did not correctly sort the covers after editing a video or changing an image (poster or wallpaper).

  • The E-AC-3 audio codec did not display any logo in the synopsis.

  • When you entered the password of a network device, it was visible in the form field instead of displaying stars.

R_video: Changes in version 1.3.13


  • Added PC/Mac version of R_video.

  • Mouse navigation (PC/Mac version only). In order to use the keyboard navigation, please move the mouse in a corner of the screen and disconnect it.

  • Ability to edit the technical information of a video: Frequency, Container, HDR, Video codec, Audio tracks, Subtitles.

  • Added a tool to import and edit original soundtracks for your films, TV shows and concerts (PC / Mac only).


  • Improvement of various translations.


  • Navigation in choosing categories was not consistent.

  • Fixed password reset function.

Known issues:
- Some display issues in 4:3 aspect ratio.

R_video: Changes in version 1.2.9


  • New search menu. Allows you to search among films, sagas, episodes, actors and directors.

  • New actor or director biography window.

  • New feature allowing the user to choose to launch Blu-rays always without menus, always with menus, or always offer both options.


  • Some translations have been corrected in the folder management window.

  • The folders window now refreshes correctly when deleting a folder.


  • An issue left disabled personal videos visible.

  • The child filter did not work in the home videos section.

  • Sometimes the background of a synopsis was not hidden correctly when going back.

  • We could no longer open the menu before the collection was initialized.

  • Disabled categories were still displayed in the synopsis page.

  • The films in the Top Movies module were sorted alphabetically.

R_video: Changes in version 1.0.5


  • First official version

R_video: Changes in version 1.0.4


  • Added offline mode. This feature allows you to access films and series without an internet connection. Requires a process of downloading images and data locally beforehand.



  • Fixed an issue with posters not being centered vertically when a banner was displayed.

R_video: Changes in version 1.0.3


  • Added dynamic quick access bar based on selected sorting in vertical scrolling menus.

  • Added an option to hide or show the sort bar. By default, it is visible.

  • New animated backgrounds have been added.

  • Added "Launch R_video when the player starts" in the advanced options.



  • The "Remove a movie from a group" option is accessible and working. If the menu is empty, we return to the previous menu.

  • If the task window goes blank while it is visible, it closes automatically.

  • When you delete a film from the synopsis, you go back to the previous non-empty menu.

  • When you delete the last episode of the season, you go back to the previous non-empty menu.

  • When you display the reidentification window, you immediately search for the results proposed by TMDB from the title.

  • Graphical changes in the module bar.

  • An overlay appears when you delete an item (group, TV show, season, episode, movie).



  • Fixed navigation issues.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a bug when switching themes.

  • Added a technical logo for the Auro3D audio codec.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the launch of videos when the technical information was not present in the synopsis page.

R_video: Changes in version 1.0.2


  • Scan task information is more detailed (number of files found, followed by MediaInfo scans)


  • The Watermark at the bottom of the page "R_volution | R_video" adapts according to the menu and the layout. In three-line mode, only R_video appears in certain menus.

  • Use of larger texture for 2 line mode (attempt to correct blurring issue).



  • Fixed a loss of focus when certain menus are empty. In this case, the focus is automatically returned to the modules on the left.

  • Translation: When identifying, "Please do not close R_video" instead of Rvolution.

R_video: Changes in version 1.0.1


  • Add possibilities to change variation (2 or 3 lines).

  • Added an indicative message in the folder management window.

  • “No current tasks” translation added.


  • Redesign of the Group creation/association windows.

  • You can now deactivate/activate the animated background from the film synopsis.

  • Added episode synopsis scrolling. When you select another episode, the scrolling resets.

  • Design improvement of the collections renaming window.

  • Imrpovement of the wheel for loading current tasks in the Crossbar.

  • More RAM memory has been allocated for the movie covers resulting of great improvements. Now R_video cleans the “oldest” images and keep free RAM for the new covers.

  • “Create without identifying” from the “unidentified elements” window now works and updates the menus.



  • The menu refreshes after selecting filters.

  • The banners and icons disappeared from the posters when you navigated.

  • When you delete or add a group, now the menus refresh correctly.

  • When you change the viewing status of an episode, the menus are now updated.

  • When you change the viewing status of a film from the synopsis, the menus are now updated.

  • The poster change now updates correctly in all menus (Showcase, ScrollMenu, Episode List and Synopsis) and for all items (Group, Film, Series, Season, Episode).

  • The background change is now correctly updated in all menus (Showcase, ScrollMenu, Episode List and Synopsis) and for all items (Group, Film, Series, Season).

  • Fix scrolling in movie synopses.

  • Now MediaInfo works with Blu-ray structures.

  • Files can be scanned on removable disks. Fix general MediaInfo issues.

  • Fix some file metadata contain UTF16 characters, which MediaInfo does not support well. The file with the MediaInfo result returned "corrupt" lines. 

  • Translation corrected in several windows (options, appearance of covers, account creation, login screen, folder selection, addition of token, etc.).

  • Fix remote control help

  • Fixed Background graphical bugs when switching from one menu to another.

  • The fourth line of the synopsis was cut in the middle of the lower letters (g,q,y,j,p)

  • The series summaries were placed behind the season buttons. Now when it is too long, the series summary scrolls.

  • Activate/deactivate child mode refreshes the menus.

  • Tag an element (Film, group or series) as accessible to children, correctly refreshes the menus.

  • Fixed the bug where the Home menu appeared briefly when switching from one menu to another via modules.

  • Fix empty tab bug in Configuration.

  • When scanning a personal video folder, the technical information is correctly retrieved

  • Fix Force MediaInfo feature for films (from the synopsis) and for episodes. The menus now update correctly afterwards.

  • Fix: We can again play a video from the “unidentified elements” window.

  • “Where to find the token” help image updated.

  • Next now displays seasons instead of episodes.

  • A progress bar has been added to follow the progress of MediaInfos during a scan. (To be improved).

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